MidWest Radio: SIGNE DØ

SIGNE DØ creates landscapes of her own – in a juxtaposed universe that is as delicate and frail, as dark and powerful. Ranging from gloomy to noisy atmospheres, she combines crystal clear vocals and euphonic tones with bolder, electronic elements. Situated somewhere in between electronic pop and traditional songwriting, the pop-experimenter explores the deep and raw emotions connected to self reflection, melancholy and a curiosity for the unknown.


Since her debut release ‘Evaporate’ in December 2020, many indications show that SIGNE DØ’s far-reaching tones exist in a separate musical universe and grasp many different shapes and colors. Growing up playing classical clarinet and listen to everything from Björk to Joni Mitchell, Signe has ever since been actively involved in various music and art-projects, such as the art/electro-hybrid VRUKT, and has gained a plethora of experience from the alternative Dutch scene playing with other bands, including performances at the legendary Melkweg Amsterdam, Paradiso and showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag.


Her debut EP ‘Ways of Escaping’ is complex and recognizable in its reflection on how, as a young adult, one tends to flee from the near and vulnerable, and seek out towards the unknown. The songs explore conflicting thought patterns and habits, in an attempt to navigate between wanting to be completely independent, and at the same time longing for belonging and security. The EP as a whole expresses a maturing process characterized by deep and dreamy self-reflection, and tells us that growing up is about daring to stand in the vulnerable – that contrasts and contradictions go hand in hand.


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Vrijdag 5 november
20:00 inloop
20:30 showtime
Tickets: €10,-
(alleen online, geen kaartverkoop aan de deur)


Vanaf 29 oktober klinkt er weer wekelijks live muziek in MidWest. Van Jazz tot Singer-Songwriters, van Electronic tot Klassiek van Pop tot Poetry. Een klein en fijn concert op onze gymzaalvloer.


Corona richtlijnen:

Naar aanleiding van de versoepelingen die op 26 september door de overheid worden ingevoerd, wordt het weer mogelijk om concerten te organiseren op volle capaciteit mits de bezoekers in bezit zijn van een negatieve PCR test, een herstelbewijs (max. 6 maanden oud) of een vaccinatiebewijs.

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